Technical Calculations


In order to be able to build innovative plants with new and reliable technology, calculations at the highest level are indispensable. Thanks to the decades of experience of our team, we are able to work flexibly on the most diverse problem cases. We increase the efficiency of your plants and you benefit from individually developed, optimised calculation models.

2Fields Of Application

  • Finite element calculations for structural mechanical and thermal problems
  • Operational and fatigue strength verification according to FKM
  • Component optimisation
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Forming simulations (rolling, straightening, bending)
  • Vibration simulation of drive trains


Finite Elements Software

FEMAP: NX Nastran & Adina Solver

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical (ALGOR)

Programming Languages

Visual Studio C++, C#


Mathematical Software

Mathcad, Mathcad Prime


Simulation Software

Scilab / Scicos





Thread Optimisation

The durability of components can be multiplied by adapted geometries.

Notch Optimisation

Existing weak points are uncovered and eliminated and generally avoided with new parts.

Pressing Tool

Self-developed calculation models reduce the computational effort significantly compared to commercial FEM packages!