Scarfing Line

Customer: voestalpine Steel GmbH

Voestalpine Steel GmbH has shut down the existing scarfing line and replaced it by a new automatic scarfing plant. Around the scarfing unit the transport facilities have been designed to fulfil the material flow requirements of the steelplant, including a housing and filter to reduce emissions.
The remarkable fact of the scarfing line is, that the slabs are conveyed with rollertables and cross conveyors in a closed loop to allow multiple scarfing runs. Additional it is possible to turn the slabs on an integrated slab turner to put them into the correct scarfing position for the two side scarfing unit. To optimize material flow various loading and unloading points are foreseen.
The scarfing unit itself was purchased at a specialized manufacturer.
The new plant is designed for a higher slab throughput, at the same time the dimension and weight of the slabs were increased.
Buma has carried out the engineering of the plant, under consideration of the integration of all package units.

Technical Data
max. slab thickness: 400 mm
max. slab length: 13.000 mm
max. slab width: 55 to
max. year production: 1,6 mio to