Cooling Bed Roller Table with Scrap Removal System

Customer: SAH Annahütte

Stahlwerk Annahütte placed a turnkey order with our company to develop and deliver a new runout roller table for the bar mill in the area of the cooling bed. A scrap removal system integrated in the roller table is included.
By means of a moving stopper arranged above the roller table the rolled stock will be stopped and post be cut to length. The finished product will be discharged by means of the existing Sund-Birsta discharging device. The scraps and rest pieces will be discharged by the scrap removal system to the opposite side into a chain type tackle.

Technical Data:
Bar diameter: 12-83 mm
Bar lenght: 3-30 m
Bar weight: max. 36 kg/m
Duration of removal process: ca. 8 seconds