Rinse for the push pickling line

Customer: Buderus Edelstahl GmbH

The rinsing area of the pickling line, which consisted of 4 sections, was removed and replaced by a 5-stage short rinse with 5 cascades including steel substructure.
Four normal and one high-pressure injection stages are arranged in the cascades. Design of the rinsing vat as a steel construction with collecting trough and rubber-coated inside.

A blow-off device for the top and bottom of the belt and an edge blow-off device have been installed in the sink outlet area. A transfer table with support rollers was used to bridge the distance behind the last squeezing roller to the existing belt dryer.

After the installation the speed could be increased around 50%.

Technical Data
Strip speed 0 - 150 m/min
Coil outer diameter max. 1700 mm
Coil width max. 450 mm
  min. 150 mm
Strip thickness 1,2 - 14 mm
Material hot-rolled carbon steel and alloyed steels