High Pressure Descaling with Ancillary Units

Customer: Böhler Bleche GmbH

To increase the descaling effect a new high pressure descaling unit was installed. Buma made the whole engineering.

This contains:  

  • /   High pressure descaling
  • /   Lifting roller table
  • /   Chain seesaw

The high pressure descaler has been designed to ensure that future broader and higher slab can be descaled.
By the precise setting of the upper scale bar the quality of descaling was again improved.
The various levels between furnace and descaling were bridged by a hydraulic lifting table.

Technical Data:
Max. slab width: 1600 mm
Slab height: min. 100 to max. 400 mm
Slab weights: Up to 6 tons
max. descaling time 5 sec.
max. roller conveyor speed: 1m/s