Tilting Table

Customer: voestalpine Schienen GmbH

The tilting table is a moveable car, on which a roller table is mounted. On this roller table the billet/bar will be transported to the trio-mill stand.
With usage of the integrated hydraulic movement the billet/bar can be taken over from the top rolls and  lowered to the bottom rolls.
The tilting table can be moved sideward to allow transport of the bar/billet to different rolling positions / mill stands.
Additional a roll tilter is included to allow tilting of the material +/- 100°.

Technical Data:
roller table speed: +/- 4,7 m/s
max. tilting time: 1,5s
tilting angle of roll tilter: +/- 100°
speed for movement of tilting table: 0-1,7 m/s