Coil transport system

Customer: voestalpine Stahl GmbH

BUMA engineering was awarded a contract to engineer the new coil transport system of voestalpine Stahl GmbH in Linz to replace the existing chain conveyor.

The tasks of BUMA comprised of concept, dimensioning, planning, and project assistance starting with the project study (layout) until the start-up of the new equipment.

The coil transport system conveys the coils from the existing downcoilers northwards and after a 90 degree turn to the east to the storage area of the pickling line. The coils have a maximum weight of 35tons and a temperature up to 800 degree Celsius. The fastest cycle time of the plant is 70 seconds.

The coils are conveyed with several walking beams and coil cars including lifting stations in various steps. Along the transport line the coils are bound, signed, and measured automatically.

Technical data:
Max. coil weight: 35 to
Cycle time: 70 seconds
Hydraulic system: max. 200 bar
Conveyor length: approx. 180 m