Slab Cutting Line

Customer: voestalpine Stahl GmbH

For the installation of a new automatic slab cutting line in the plate mill of voestalpine Stahl GmbH, we received the order for the engineering of the complete plant.
In the slab cutting line, the slabs are measured, marked, divided into short slabs and deburred.
The plant is loaded and unloaded with the overhead crane.
After placing the slab they are turned over if necessary and transported through the system to the individual processing steps, until finally the divided slabs are stacked on the lifting table and lifted off by the crane.

Technical Data
Thickness of the slabs: 180 to 400 mm
Width of the slabs: 1100 to 2200 mm
Length of the slabs: 3900 to 12240 mm
Weight: 7,5 to 43 tons
Temperature of the slabs: max. 700°
Shortest possible slab length after cutting: 1500 mm