Beltgrinding Machines

Customer: voestalpine Grobblech GmbH

The grinding machines move over plates which are lying on a fix table. The machines are able to process workpieces with up to 140 mm thickness and up to 4000 mm widths. The plates are detected automatically and the machine can drive in automatic modus.

Technical Data:
plate length: 1000 to 18000 mm
plate width: 900 to 4000 mm
plate thickness: 10 to 140 mm (to 450 mm)
  • / BSM 5 - 7: 2009
  • / BSM 8: 2011


A new type of grinding machine was developed to cover a huge size of plate thickness. The machine is able to process workpieces with up to 450 mm thickness and up to 3000 mm widths.
As a result of the successful project, we have received follow-up orders for additional grinding machines.

Technical Data:
plate length: max. 9000 mm
plate width: max. 3000 mm
plate thickness: 5-450 mm