Billet shear

Customer: OVAKO Sweden AB

At the second half of 2017, we got an order from OVAKO AB for a turnkey shipment of a new billet shear and scrap conveyor.

The new concept was, that after cutting, the scrap piece falls on the walking beam, which transports the scrap on a weighing scale and finaly on the transfer car. This rope driven car carries the scrap to the ejector which kicks the scrap into an bin on the existing scrap carusel.

We only had a very short time for basic and detail engineering. The castings and the remaining mechanics were ready just before delivery and the pre-assembly as well as the test of the shear could still take place

Scope of delivery:

  •   Basic engineering
  • Detail engineering
  • Technical calculation
  • Documentation
  • Delivery
  • Installation,-and commissioning support
Technical Data:
Temperature material for cutting: 1000 °C
Time for cutting 15-16 sec.
Billet dimension max. 300x300 mm
Scrap length max. 1000 mm